Grappa  0.1
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Grappa::Message< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Grappa::Message< T >, including all inherited members.

deliver_locally()Grappa::Message< T >inlinevirtual
deserialize_and_call(char *t)Grappa::Message< T >inlinestatic
Message()Grappa::Message< T >inline
Message(Core dest, T t)Grappa::Message< T >inline
Message(const Message &m)=deleteGrappa::Message< T >
Message(Message &&m)=defaultGrappa::Message< T >
operator*()Grappa::Message< T >inline
operator->()Grappa::Message< T >inline
operator=(const Message &m)=deleteGrappa::Message< T >
operator=(Message &&m)=deleteGrappa::Message< T >
serialize_to(char *p, size_t max_size)Grappa::Message< T >inlinevirtual
serialized_size() const Grappa::Message< T >inlinevirtual
size() const Grappa::Message< T >inlinevirtual
typestr()Grappa::Message< T >inlinevirtual
~Message()Grappa::Message< T >inlinevirtual